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Since its founding, IECA has conducted business according to the highest ethical and professional standards. Our work on government contracts makes it crucial that we conform to the government's very stringent ethical rules for contractors. Employees shall promptly refer any ethical matters to an appropriate supervisor to obtain guidance.

Technical Excellence
IECA was founded with the ideal of maintaining the highest level of technical excellence possible within our focused areas of expertise. We pledge to serve our clients with integrity and competence, always placing client interests ahead of our own. We will accept only those assignments we are qualified to undertake and which will benefit our clients. We will staff each assignment with only those personnel we consider qualified to make an effective contribution to the success of the assignment. We will exert our best efforts to complete expeditiously, and under no circumstances obscure, distort, or omit significant findings or unwelcome recommendations.

Conflicts Of Interest
IECA is committed to avoiding real or perceived conflicts of interest in the conduct of our business and our employees. We pledge to take all possible measures to avoid situations that might interfere with our objectivity, and to take steps to disclose and resolve such situations should they arise. This is crucial to effective support of our Government clients because of the large body of Federal rules and regulations regarding conflicts of interest. We will always notify affected parties of any real or apparent conflict of interest, and discuss appropriate resolution. We will also accept assignments only under conditions that will not impair our objectivity, independence and integrity.

Gifts And Gratuities
Many industries consider it customary to provide free samples, promotional gifts, or hospitality benefits to their customers. The US Government statutes prohibit this behavior among Government employees, Government contractor organizations, and employees of those organizations. IECA is committed to upholding the high standards of behavior expected by our clients. To meet this objective, IECA and its employees will respect the letter and the spirit of all applicable laws and regulations in all jurisdictions in which we conduct business. We will reject bribery in all its forms and will not, directly or indirectly, pay any bribes, kickbacks or commissions, or make any other questionable payments to obtain business.

Sensitive or Proprietary Information
Our assignments frequently entail access to information that our clients consider to be sensitive or proprietary. IECA will take all possible care to protect the confidentiality and integrity of all such information. To that end, we will ensure that all IECA employees abide by the specific contract provisions on any proprietary data. We will follow all security procedures required by clients in addition to our own. We will also maintain confidentiality of the names of clients and client organizations, and description of specific assignments will be used in business promotion only when the client has granted permission or if the result of the assignment, and our association with that client, have been publicized by the client in question.

Former Government Employees
Contractor technical work often coincides with the technical missions of client organizations. It is therefore unsurprising that it should be relatively common for contractors to recruit employees from the ranks of present and former clients. However, the US Government is subject to statutes that restrict the conditions of employment and post-employment behavior of former US Government employees. IECA pledges to fully support and honor these restrictions in our recruiting and hiring practices. We will abide strictly to the letter and spirit of these regulations, including compliance with any reporting requirements, to preclude any perception of illegal or improper behavior. Former Government employees will not represent IECA in a marketing or negotiating capacity on any matter in which the employee personally and substantially participated while in Government.

Fair Treatment
IECA has a proud tradition of dealing fairly with both organizations and individuals. To maintain this level of integrity, IECA offers equal opportunity to all current and prospective employees, and does not discriminate on any basis except ability. We will always avoid injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious action, ad we will render appraisals of a client's personnel only when such assignments are an integral part of the assignment. We will assist our colleagues in their professional development and support ethical behavior throughout our industry. IECA will encourage employees' efforts to support technical excellence by maintaining their professional abilities and training at or near state-of-the-art by providing on-the-job training opportunities, supervisory assistance, and occasional formal training programs.

Billing Integrity
IECA is committed to maintaining a high degree of integrity of in our billing and financial processes. We will ensure that clients are accurately billed for the actual extent of our labor and other costs. Any inadvertent billing errors will be corrected as quickly as possible. We will not pay fees or commissions to agents or non-employees to secure client referrals or assignments. We will reimburse employees for legitimate, authorized business expenses incurred in conducting company business, and will allow employees to realize neither gain nor loss from such expenses. Employees are expected to exercise good judgment and economy in incurring business expenses.

All IECA staff members are responsible for understanding and upholding this Code of Ethics. Employees are requested and required to sign an acknowledgment of the acceptance of these policies. Questions concerning this statement may be directed to any IECA officer.

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