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We operate our own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) at IECA for the purpose of operating secure email. We use email security that adheres to the Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) set of standards. Access to our PKI certificates and Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) is available on an as needed basis. Our root certificate is issued under the Distinguished Name (DN) "O=IECA, Inc.,C=US". Thumbprints of our root certificate using a variety of hash algorithms are available below.

SHA1:   bcd81b77a915cdbb6672e41c1994b8d46845b132  
SHA256:   9a5f0d6345d9e2a71aa801f7fc2e0bd5fd891982dee51f3fa493b645704f52d3  
SHA512:   0684242d6659a86105151e99c99675a11e71985b181cedc29d93722c8ff286d8 d7af77709ff8bff47384dee9e88fb4703628c2e2ab4010c4e8d5392d9a15d101  
RIPEMD160:   6b8ced968e2eeac3b8dba347a00330c530315876  

You may also download the above information by clicking here. If you would like more information about our PKI capabilities please contact our site administrator at contact@ieca.com.

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